Dr. Gi Ming Chan

Dr. Gi Ming Chan

Naturopathic Doctor
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  • ND, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine - National University of Health Sciences, Lombard IL

  • BA, Bachelors in Psychology - City College of New York, New York, NY




  • Functional Endocrinology

  • Holistic Counseling

  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

  • Advanced Autoimmunity


Dr. Gi Ming Chan is a Naturopathic doctor. Dr. Chan is passionate about helping patients create the conditions for health by providing the proper support to help one heal their own body. She has a unique interest in environmental medicine. She takes a thorough history in order to get to know her patients. She provides treatment using nutrition, lifestyle modifications, vitamins and minerals, herbs, and homeopathy.


Dr Chan is a contributor and writer for Nutritional Frontiers.


She is a native of Brazil, but raised in New York City. She enjoys reading, cooking, making natural skincare, traveling and spending time with family.

  • Dr. Gi Ming Chan

Specialty: Digestive Complaints, Autoimmune Conditions, Diabetes, Women's Health

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