DOT Physicals

Dr. Travis Horne is a Certified Medical Examiner on the FMCSA National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. 

Dr. Horne specializes in performing physical examinations for commercial drivers in accordance with the FMCSA regulation (49 CFR 391.41 – 391.49). Beginning May 21, 2014, all Medical Examiners who wish to conduct medical examinations for interstate drivers must complete training and pass a certification test to be listed on the National Registry.

We take the business of keeping drivers and companies compliant seriously, and want to help you with all your DOT services.

A DOT physical at Appalachia Chiropractic & Wellness is $75 and only takes about 30 minutes.

*School Bus Physical $50

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What to expect during your DOT Exam.

A DOT exam is a simple three-step process that involves taking your medical history, performing the exam, and filling out all the necessary paperwork.

Step One: Medical History

To provide an idea of your general health and family background, you'll be asked to fill out a brief one-page medical history detailing past illnesses, diseases that run in your family, and your overall health.

Step Two: The Exam

Once you’ve provided your medical history our team will review the information you’ve provided, go over any medical conditions you may have, and perform a basic urinalysis test. As part of the exam, we also: 

  • Measure your height

  • Weigh you

  • Take your blood pressure and pulse

  • Test your range of motion

  • Examine your eyes and ears

  • Check your breathing


Step Three: Paperwork

The final step in the process is the paperwork. Once your medical history and exam are complete, the office will fill out all the necessary paperwork to process the exam results. When you leave the office, you'll get your very own DOT medical card and wallet card to keep with you at all times when you're driving.

Note: If you need a copy of the DOT exam faxed to your company, please have the fax number ready.

What to bring to your DOT Physical Examination

Current Driver's License

List of all medications you take

Timeline/dates of surgeries you have had

Eye glasses or contact lenses (if you use them)

Hearing aids (if you use them)

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