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In the digital age, everything is accessible right at our fingertips. And now that includes virtual medical treatment. At Appalachia Chiropractic & Wellness we are excited to take part in the telemedicine phenomenon, which offers a convenient solution to patients and doctors through technology.


How it works

Using a secure telemedicine platform on your computer, smartphone or tablet you are able to interact with your doctor using video for remote diagnosis and treatment. The platform allows lab results and photos to be easily shared and viewed throughout the appointment so that our remote patients are able to participate in active doctor-patient discussion just like an in office visit without the inconvenience of a trip to the office.


Scheduling an appointment


Contact our office today to learn more about how you can benefit from telemedicine. Established patients are welcome to schedule follow up visits via telemedicine for most concerns. New patients will be asked a series of questions to help us decide whether telemedicine appointments will be able to provide the necessary level of care.

It is important to note that a telemedicine visit is just like an office visit in terms of time, scheduling, cost and care.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about telemedicine, contact us today!

Naturopathic Telemedicine


Messaging Platform – HIPAA Compliant and more secure than email.


It is important to have your health data and privacy protected. Appalachia Chiropractic & Wellness takes privacy and communication seriously, and utilizes CHARM EHR, a HIPAA Compliant platform for communication between patient’s & doctors. This allows patients to upload recent Labs, Imaging, or from other physicians and communicate to the physician directly.

CHARM EHR - Telemedicine

Video Platform – HIPAA Compliant Video Communication – saves you time and money


Once you have established care at Appalachia Chiropractic & Wellness, you will have the opportunity to access Appalachia Chiropractic & Wellness secure telemedicine system through our online CHARM EHR portal for between visit check-in’s, quick questions, and non-urgent medical concerns. This saves you time, energy, and money from making an in-person office visit. Not all conditions may be appropriate for treatment using a video platform and may require an in-person physical exam or lab testing. This is for your safety and to provide you the best medical coverage.

Appalachia Chiropractic & Wellness                      Online Dispensary

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